We are Builders, Creators, and Lovers of Making New Things

Our Story

We’ve turned our passion into purpose

Ujima Digital founded in 2017 as a digital consulting agency specializing in building technologies that grow organizations and empower communities. In Swahili, the word Ujima means “to work together and share responsibility”, and we believe that the soul of our entire organization can be summed up by one logical expression… We > Me. From creating the world’s greatest innovations to solving its biggest problems there has always been one thing in common. People working together towards a common goal and our aim is to help build uncompromising technology solutions that make the world better for everyone. We believe in putting the needs of others over profits and sharing the burdens we experience.

Vision Statement: ”our company’s vision is to build a better world through collaborative creation.”

Mission Statement: ”we are on a mission to build technological services and products that have a compounding benefit for our customers, stakeholders, and all those who we serve. Our vector is to build technology that unites us towards a better tomorrow.”

We’re a company anchored in integrity and transparency

We’re a company with a responsibility to give back to our community

We’re a company that pursues excellence and equality in all aspects of business

Our Team

David Emanuel

Chief Executive Officer & VP of Technology

Mariah Denson

Chief Operating Officer & Head of Corporate Development

Akila Mohabir

Chief Innovation Officer

Vincent Sewell

Chief Strategy Officer

Brittany Bartges

Engineering Manager

Shaheen Rahman

Full Stack Developer

Rebecca Parlin

Product Manager

Josh Tracy

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Denson

Game Engineer

Tabo Okozube

Lead Producer

Company Advisors

Ashley Cunningham


Heather Parcasio


Don Mclean


Zachary Sura


Wayne Schell


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Business Development & Marketing

Business Development & Marketing

Business Development & Marketing

Business Development & Marketing

Business Development & Marketing